Stylish Modern House Interior in Minimalist Style

Interesting Neat White Interior With Red Sofa With White Sharp Table Also White Sharp Coffee Table An Chairs

Who says that small living space cannot look stylish and impressive? Despite the lack of space, you can actually make your small space to look fabulous and wonderful. As the use of white paint color extensively along with minimalist interior design style has been the best formula to decorate the small space, we will take you to see this modern ouse in Taichung, Taiwan. Not only looks stylish, this small house designed by Z-AXIS DESIGN also appears extremely cozy.

Looking at this situation, we can start from the living room first. As mentioned before, this modern house interior employs the use of white paint color extensively for the interior. The results is really great as to make every small space appears larger. Beside, you can also see how this living room opens to dining space, which creates a spacious feeling as well. The comfortable modern black sofa features the hint of fresh orange. You can also see the fluffy and comfortable chair with pop of fresh aqua on the corner, placed by sliding glass door. On the plain white wall, gorgeous d├ęcor features a group of fish that provides texture.

Overlooking the living room, you will find the gorgeous modern dining space on the other corner. This small and minimalist dining room equips the cantilevered simple white table, surrounded by the stylish modern chairs that look really comfortable too. Decorating the wall space are the floating open shelves that expose the wood and sleek black pallet overlapping each other. The lighting for this space features the astonishing one with curved design, which brings in another accent in this simple room.

Moving to the bedroom, you can find the use of black color as the accent wall as well as the blanket. Pop of orange is also sees on the pillows and comfortable seating space placed by windows. Yet, you can see how the modern house interior design for this bedroom successfully makes this small room appears really cozy and stylish at the same time. As the bed is set low, you can see how this design allows this room to appear more spacious. Another interesting feature is the use of LED strips below the white bed, which create the interesting accent within this minimalist room. Notice also the simple and sleek design for the drawers and floating shelf.

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