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Stone Wall Fence Surrounding The House

La Planicie House: Luxurious Residence with Maximum Connection with Nature

When talking about luxury home design, it is so certain that La Planicie is a good example that you have to check out. The house is built with Eco house design somewhere in La Molina District in Peru. The developer of this house is known to be Oscar GonzalezMoix. This residence is broadly 905 square meters. It is well known because of the maximum connection with nature that is applied…

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Formal Dining Area Converting Space With White Table And Flower Decoration

Dining Rooms Today

It is kind of pathetic knowing that people‚Äôs modern lifestyle no longer allows them to use their dining room properly. It means, today lifestyle of dining is significantly changing. Currently, dining room is no more than a single space of a house which is full of dinning furniture with no function at all. People, particularly busy working people, like to enjoy their meals outside their home. It makes their real…

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