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Beautiful Astley Castle Renovation

Restored Astley Castle as the Ultimate Winner of 2013 RIBA Stirling Prize

The winner of 2013 RIBA Stirling Prize has been announced and it is no other else but the restored Astley Castle. This castle renovation is something that makes the unused castle change into a very different modern holiday home design. The castle that is now known as the unique holiday home from Witherford Watson Mann Architects wins the prestigious prize because of the restoration that is done without making it…

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Sections Of Slope House With Hills House Design

Holiday Home Design: CT House in Sao Paolo, Brazil

There are some people in the world that lucky enough to have a beautiful holiday home design. Yes, there are many more person that don’t have this kind of a house, but that is not what we will talk about here, we will talk about the outstanding holiday home design that created by Bernardes and Jacobsen Arquitetura. This stunning holiday home design is called the CT House and this amazing…

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