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Wooden Floor With White Sofa And White Stair

Mesmerizing Japan; Modern House Design

As in Japan, building a small house is easy as long as you follow the rules. What I mean by rules is the government law about building a house. The government says that a house must be separated to another. The law says that a house must be 500mm behind the outer wall and must give 40 inches space between another house. The bigger house you have, the wider the…

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Cool Kitchen Details Frameless Cabinets And Drawer

Simple Minimalist Kitchen for the Simplicity

Do you tend to have minimalist kitchen? Minimalist style nowadays is so popular. Many people like this minimalist style since with this minimalist style they can have modern look of their house. Even because this style bring the simple look of the room, many people still like this style since they do not need to be busy in decorating the room. If you want to have minimalist look of your…

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Modern White Sink And Faucet Contemporary Bathroom Design

Stylish Modern Residence for Your Home Inspiration

Nowadays, modern residence becomes dream house for many people. A residence with stylish look may give more spirit to do many activities inside the house. The elegant look that comes from residence with modern interior can also enhance the confidence of the owner. Besides, the various creational design of modern design can affect the mood of the owner. Look at the picture. This house has modern residence interior design. Just…

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Compact Kitchen Countertops With Wall Shelving

Astonishing Container Office Bring Unusual Form into Functionality

When you are looking for earthquake prone office building, maybe this container office is the perfect answer. At first it was built in Gifu, Japan where earthquakes strike now and then and that is why they will need an office that will not fall for them as concrete material would have done. Container is chosen for the light but sturdy material to adequate with the earthquake matters. Located in the…

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