Tetris House: a Perfect Reflection of Symmetric Fan

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Do you love simple house and trouble-free things? And are you the one who always has an idea that everything in your house must be placed in parallel and symmetrically? If so, then you must be interested on this on this one, a tetris house. No, it is not a house made of colorful plastic blocks like in tetris game. And yes, it is a house that has symmetric arrangement from the exterior to the interior. It is so parallel that the house even has perfect square green front landscape to emphasize the tetris theme.

The design

Just like any other simple house design, tetris house design requires no complicated details on it. It simply has square shape. And for the roof, there a bit difference with the roof of most minimalist, square house. It has transparent roof design on its sloping roof just to make it simpler and nicer. In addition to that, such roof also gives distinctive appearance to the house. This house also has straightforward rooms with sharp edge on them. And for the decoration, this house has simply beautiful décor. The clear-cut sphere can be found in the minimalist living room furniture and beautiful dining room décor. It is all very practical with no frustrating furniture.

Practical is the key

It seems like ‘efficiency’ is the key in building this house. It can be said that there is no part of this house built without any reason or function. The tetris house design interior adapts this principal, and as the result, this house has wide space. Well, it’s surely comfortable for the people who live in it. No more wasting space for unimportant, complex properties. Since it comes with minimalist furniture and high, square room, this house has a good air circulation. Also, an open living room gives an impression of spacey, breezy interior design.

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