The Beautiful Grandnja’s Penthouse in Belgrade

Comfortable White Lounge Chair With Purple Rug

There are some penthouses that offered to you in the world. When you want to build penthouse, it is good for you to check this Penthouse in Belgrade first. This penthouse is different with other penthouse. This penthouse is located in Belgrade, Serbia. This penthouse is one of best projects from Grandnja. What makes this penthouse very special? The architect tries to play some patterns and textures in this penthouse so it will be able to create interesting feeling. The use of wood and stone living space material in this penthouse also gives the space character for the room. When you see the other part of this house, you will find excellent soft color mixture interior that makes you feel comfortable in the room.

Minimalist and Warm Living Room

In this beautiful penthouse you will be able to find some rooms. The living room of this penthouse is made in very minimalist design. You can find dark wood flooring that gives contract color for the sofa. The bight sofa is combined with soft carpet and acrylic table. In the living room you can find wall with stone material that adds rustic and natural atmosphere in this room. You can see the large flat screen television that will make you and your family enjoy the family’s time. You should not miss the awesome patio from this house too.

Various Bedroom’s Design

Most people will love to stay in this stylish penthouse design. How about the bedroom in this penthouse? There are some bedrooms in this penthouse. For the kid’s bedroom, you will find pink color kid’s bedroom design. In this bedroom your children can enjoy all furniture and also bedding sets with pink color too. How about the master bedroom? You will not find pink color again in the master bedroom. You will find brown theme master bedroom that gives elegant and warm atmosphere for your master bedroom.

Barbie Cabinet Design Cute Kid's Bedroom Design

Beautiful Headboard Light Warm Bedroom Lighting

Beautiful Pendant Lamp Contemporary Penthouse Interior

Beautiful Wallpaper And Bedroom Cabinet Design

Minimalist Bathroom Design With White Bathtub And Window

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