The Central London Flat: An Example of Perfect and Complete Minimalist Living Space in London

Lovely View High Ceilings With Glass Banister

London can be said to be a perfect location to choose to live because of the fact that it has everything. As a big city, there are just a lot of things to be experienced. Other than that, there are also a lot of things to be explored here. Even if it is a big city, it does not meant that people who live in there should own a big living space too, a mansion for example. Some compact place that full of coziness can also be a perfect choice to choose. The example of this can be seen in the Central London Flat in which a lot of fascinating yet simple interior ideas can be found. This flat is the one that is designed by VW+BS.

The Best things About the Central London Flat

Inside this Minimalist central London flat, there are just a lot of best things that you will be able to find. For you to know, all of these best things are the ones that show you whether small living space can have complete functions too. To save space, this flat is designed to own united living room and dining room. From these united rooms, there is a beautiful terrace design that can clearly be seen because of the glass entry and wall-sized windows installed at the front.

Neutral Color Is Everywhere

Other than the previous best things available in this Modern minimalist flat, there is still one more to be paid attention to. It is the application of neutral color everywhere. This is actually perfect for minimalist design because neutral color can give visual effect so that minimalist living space looks wider in space. White and wood interior color is seen right after entering this flat. This is made perfect by the addition of warm color furniture in there too.

Metallic Surfaces Kitchen Island In Wooden Kitchen Design

Minimalist Bedroom With Cabinet In Grey Color

The Living Space View White Dining Table And Black Sofa

White And Wood Interior Design Modern Flat Design

White Elements Dining Room With Black Accent

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