The Woodpeckers’ Project by Strom Architects

Woodpeckers Facade Chic House Design In New Forest Hampshire England

Woodpeckers’ project by Strom Architects successfully results a modern house design which is very simple but powerful. The building itself is located in a rural area, which is far from the central town, on the edge of New Forest National Park, Hampshire, England. The building is basically following the concept of two story house ideas which are very popular among architects for rural areas.

What Is Woodpeckers?

Woodpeckers’ project is actually an architecture project to develop a chic house design with natural color interior which is aimed to be built in a rural area in England. The concept of the home design itself is developed by the balanced combination of strong nature ambience with a solid modern home design. The concept is very awesome for a rural house idea. As a matter of fact, Woodpeckers’ house exterior is very simple. It employs unique wall design combined with solid glass wall which aims to let the natural light in dramatically. Besides, the landscape is also great. Borrowing the landscape of New Forest National Park, this house looks so chic and natural.

What Is Inside the Woodpeckers?

Instead of the modern exterior, the interior is very gorgeous as well. Mostly, the chic house interior design is dominated by brick installation. Both the interior wall and interior floor employ natural colored brick stones. The brick wall design is very naturally chic. It makes the interior look very vintage. However, since the design is combined with modern furniture, therefore the Woodpeckers building looks very extraordinary. On the other hand, the brick flooring ideas also give new dimension to the building. It makes the house appears perfectly under the natural light. Woodpeckers’ house built in New Forest is an example of a vintage house design which is developed under natural concept. The exterior of this house is very simple. Meanwhile, the interior is very strong and chic.

Woodpeckers Floor Plan

Woodpeckers Site Plan

Brick Floor Living Room With Rustic Seating Furniture

Brick Wall And Fireplace Interior Holiday House Design

Glass Walls And Wood For The House Exterior

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