Top Cozy Haus Wiesenhof Characterised in Simplicity

First Floor Mountain Wooden House Design In Austria

I want to tell you some information about Cozy Haus Wiesenhof Characterised. It is the cozy haus wiesenhof which is become the place of peace and contemplation. It is strongly connected to a natural setting which is using various kind of balconies, terraces and a neat wood exterior. This house is simply located in Austria and has been designed by gogl architect.

You can see from the first picture that the house is totally connected to the mountains surrounding. It is very beautiful just to see this view due to Cozy Haus Wiesenhof Characterised Review, and there are some big trees surrounding also. The house come with a simple look, it is using a wooden material. The house is coming with some glass windows as well.

The oak wood is the most important material used here, almost all of the material in the house is covered with this material. And some natural stone also used in the house. When you are entering the first floor, you can see the living room. In this living room is actually coming with a simple theme. They are only placing some small chairs in this place and the table is also coming in a compact size. The living room is also connected with the garden by the glass windows. You can know after looking at some pictures in the site.

Next to the living room, you can enjoy the entertainment here. As in this spot, you can see a large television and there are also some books which you can read. When you are going to the second floor, you will meet the bedroom. In this bedroom is actually pretty simple and no doors used in the bedroom. While the bathroom can be found next to it. I hope that this article is useful for you about Cozy Haus Wiesenhof Characterised Information

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