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Deck House Modern Tropical Retreat House In Malaysia

I want to tell you some information about Modern Tropical House. There are some people who like to live in the center of the urban life, and some people just want to live in a quieter place. The person who lives in an urban life area will find it easier to search for some things and shopping. While the person who are living in the countryside will have a simpler life and things will go easier.

Like you can find in the deck house. The deck house itself due to Modern Tropical House Review is located in a place which is far away from the crowded. You can see that the house has been specially designed by Choo Gim architect. The house is just like any traditional malay houses which is surrounded by the light, high ceilings and a floor to ceiling windows.

Many people would love to live here. The house consists of 2 floor, but you have to step on a small stair to go to the first floor. While you can enjoy the terrace from the first floor. In this side, you can see the beautiful view and it is very refreshing. All of the material are coming from wooden material. When you are first entering the first floor, you will see the living room. It is using a modern look. You can understand about this after looking at some pictures in the site.

As you can see in the picture, they are using a white and yellow color together. The kitchen is coming in a clean one, and you can see that there is a special painting in this spot. The mosaic painting resemble the creativity so that you can create various food from here. I hope that this article is useful for you about Modern Tropical House Inspirations.

Evening View Green Environtment Surround Eco Freindly House Design

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Incredible View From Thr Living Space Modern Spacy And Bright House Design

Lush Vegetation Amazing Deck House Design Holiday House Design

Modern Kitchen With White Interior Wooden Floor Ng And Floor To Ceiling Glass Window

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