Two Face Home Design in San Francisco

The Contemporary Facade With White Shiding And Concrete Walkway Plus Small Garden

If you familiar with a comic character, two face, it will be amusing to see this two face home design. This unique home design literary has two face, the front and the back face. Each of them is decorated by using very different style of design, classic style and modern style. This incredible two face home design is created by Kennerly Architecture & Planning and it is called the Janus House. This superb two face home design is located in San Francisco and when you see the exact place where it lies, it is probably one of the best home designs in the area.

This extraordinary two face home design is entirely new concept of housing design. It is different with any other mix style design and it is indeed one of the best. The front side of the house has elegant classic home design while in the back the designer of this house applies highly modern home design. When we see a mix style home design, usually the style is blended in the design, but not with this one. This awesome two face home design let every style shows its character and turned into advantage by creating this special two face home design.

The inner part of this perfect two face home design is also consisting of two very different styles. The living room for instance. When you enter this house from the front side, you will welcome by elegant classic living room design, but when you come from the back yard, you will welcome by this highly modern living room design.

With all of that uniqueness, this gorgeous two face home design is indeed something that should become an inspiration for any other housing designs. Extraordinary two face home design like this is indeed something that will make you amaze with its awkwardness.

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