Unique Accommodation at Serengeti National Park in Billila Lodge

Design Lodge Bilila Amazing Swimming Pool Design With Blue Water And Exotic Africa Forest View

I want to tell you some information about Accommodation at Serengeti National Park. It is the African safari getaway which is usually implies you a raw adventure and the time can be spent here. Billila lodge is one of the right place for you that can be used for this occasion. This place also become the world’s best known wildlife sanctuary and the world heritage site.

The total size of this place is about 5700 square miles. The interior design here is inspired with the features of the unique location due to Accommodation at Serengeti National Park Ideas for the spacious outlook with 77 guest rooms that will keep you in constant touch. All of the beds here are equipped with the mosquito netting makes sure that you will get a tight sleep.

The features that will make you stay comfortable like the air conditioning and the high speed internet access 24 hours a day will make you can finish your work. From the master bedroom in this place, it has a direct access to the terrace. And you can enjoy the fresh air from here. You can understand what I’m talking about after looking at some pictures in the site.

The sofa in the living room is using a mosaic theme with the color of brown and yellow. In the living room itself is using a wooden material as the floor and the wall. The bathroom in this place is coming with a medium sized, and it offers you a clean look . with all of the standard functions and nothing special here. In the main room, you can enjoy a popular bill yard table. This resort is pretty cool to be visited when you want to have a beautiful moment based on Accommodation at Serengeti National Park Design.

Lodge Bilila Bathroom Natural White Bathroom Design Luxury Bathroom Design

Lodge Bilila Dining Room With Warm Dining Decor With Soft Lighting

Lodge Bilila Lounge Room Design With Cozy Couch And Bilyard Billiard Table Decor

Lodge Bilila Relaxing Wooden Deck Patio With Front Pool And Green Africa Landscape

Lodge Bilila Resort With Contemporary Bedroom Design With Stunning Serengeti National Park In Tanzania

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