Unique Box House with Minimalist Style

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Have you ever heard about box house? This kind of house is a house with really square shape as if a large box. This kind of house is suitable for you who like the minimalist design with modern look. The simple exterior of the house may attract the neighbor eyes. Do you want to know more about this type of house?

Look at the box house plans picture! This house with square shape is very attractive, right? The shape is very unique and different if it is compared with surrounding houses. Even the exterior is so simple and minimalist, the square shape like this may attract some people eyes that pass in the front of this house. The simple green door and some little windows enhance the simple look of the exterior of this house. To solve the rain water, the rooftop of this house is design slightly oblique.

The black paint color of this house is slightly glossy. As you know, the glossy look makes the modern nuance. In the side of this house there is a garage and a pathway to enter the car or the motorcycle of the owner. This garage can contain two motorcycles and a car. It is very large, right? The main rooms seem to be put in the top floor. The ceiling, the walls, and the floor of this house are made from wooden material. The room is very bright since there are some large windows in the back side of this house. With this large glass window, the light from the outside can enter the room easily. Besides, it allows the owner to see the beautiful scenery from the inside of the house while relaxing the body.

This house is so minimalist both from the outside and the inside. This house is also so attractive by this square shape. If you type of person that likes minimalist style, you can try to have a house like this. This also can be a great idea if you plan to have container house as your house!

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