Unique Minimalist Zen Like Barn with External Cladding in Ottawa

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I want to tell you some helpful information about Minimalist Zen Like Barn with External Cladding. It is actually the design which is coming from christopher Simmonds. he is a famous house designer, and now he is making the latest project. This project is called as the zen barn. This barn is located in a contemporary house in Ottawa, Canada. He is making a house which has the volumetric theme.

The house is very large and it is about 3000 square meters. And it is using the famous white oak material as the external cladding and the floor to ceiling windows due to Minimalist Zen Like Barn with External Cladding Ideas. Using all of these materials making a warm and a transparent home environment. Just looking from the outside, we know that this house offers you a modern look.

From the outside you can just see what is inside the house because they are using a glass material as the windows. And you can see that there are 4 important parts looked from the outside. They are the living room, the library, the relax room, and the bedroom. Inside the house, it is wide enough to see. You can understand about this placement of the house after looking at some pictures in the site.

It consists of four bedrooms and four bathrooms, complete with the social interaction area which is containing a neat and an uncluttered living room. When you want to go to the second floor, you will go with the stair that has been covered with the metallic and wooden finishing. The heated floors which is located in the outside makes the presence of a large glazed areas. I hope that this article is useful for you based on Minimalist Zen Like Barn with External Cladding Inspiration.

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