Unique Modern Home in Singapore; Diamond House

Beautiful Wooden Stair With Frameless Glass Banister

This unique shape of modern home in Singapore, serve residence function with unusual performance of interior. The design itself exploits this unique form as its focal point, and it does succeed. Unique performance of this house is set to be front façade of building, you’ll be curious to know its interior, that’s how its unique form attracts your curiosity and lead you into wonder. This residence is designed by Formwerkz Architects, with the name “Diamond House”, where you may relate it to its mass and façade performance resemble diamond shape.

This unusual exterior performance of deconstructed geometry, made from exterior skin of wood cladding, with several openings, goes with both functional and privacy purpose. Openings and window allow natural light to illuminate interior, while exterior skin provide the user with secluded and secured privacy. The façade itself is unique enough, thus you don’t need any additional decoration, as this simplicity and unusual shape, is meant for both privacy and focal point. This modern home design goes with modern architecture concept, yet reflect deconstructive theme. Main materials used for construction are wood, steel and concrete.

If you step more into interior and backyard, you’ll find another side of this Diamond House. While exterior performance is intended to provide privacy, you can feel luxury and modernity radiate from interior performance, combination of wood and conventional construction system carried out perfectly. Exterior form influences interior as well, providing interior with unusual amorphous concept you don’t find it at conventional residence. Minimalism concept of interior is obvious, while all of unusual setting of room and wall will bring you into another comprehension of spatial concept; it plays with tilt, straight line, texture and materials. This modern home is clearly an artistic presentation of architecture, where you find plays inside.

As the design comes with distinct approach of modern concept, conventional and common modern home accessories are less needed, as this expresses a straight architectural concept of spatial configuration, a permanent type of decoration.

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