Unique Modular House: a Great Idea for Future House

Mobile Home Living Design With Simple And Stylish Living Furniture And Wooden Small Cabinet

Have you ever heard about modular house? Or have you ever planned to have a modular home? With modular home, you can easily move your house including the furniture inside it. Are you interested to have this kind of house?

Look at the picture! This modular house plans can become a great idea for you to be adapted. The exterior of this house is very unique. The semi-oval but also square is the shape of this house. The exterior is so modern with white color and glossy look. As you know, the glossy look can make the modern look. The design of this house is so minimalist. Look! You can simply put your house in the middle of large green area. You can feel as if you are in a tent but with house appliance.

Since this house is modular, the space is so small. This house only consists of three main important rooms. They are the bedroom, the dining room which is united with the kitchen, and the bathroom. The interior design of this house is also so minimalist and modern with white color. The walls of this house are glass walls so that the light from the outside of the room can easily enter the room. You can also enjoy the nature scenery around your house with this kind of walls. The decoration of this house is so minimalist. The plants are the great decoration for this house. The living room is separated in another room without any partition. With this kind of house, of course you will feel as if your house is the nature.

This kind of house is modern and practice. The design is very relaxing and fresh since it can unite freely with the nature. This modern modular house can become a great idea for future houses!

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