Villa H with Combination of Modern and Futuristic Design

Floor To Ceiling Glass Wall With High Up Ceiling In White Interior

If being asked about which Modern Villa that should be checked out in the area of Salzburg, Austria, it cannot be denied that Villa H is the right choice. This villa is the one that is designed very especially by Smartvoll Architekten ZT KG. At a glance, this can be said as a stylish villa. If seen more specifically, there is in fact combination between modern and also futuristic design that finally forms a really lovely villa shape.

The Main Ideas in Villa H Interior

In simple words, it can be said that there are some main ideas that are applied in the interior of Villa H. the first one is of course the Futuristic Villa Idea. This idea is not the one that is shown by the use of metallic color in the interior. Instead, white is the color that is used the more in this villa. That is why the interior design of it is also called as the white villa design. Other than that modern contemporary design is another one applied in there too. This contemporary interior idea is applied in many ways, including also the enlargement of some rooms in the house that finally create more space. The use of minimalist items in the villa is the one that makes this contemporary idea perfect.

Carport Roof as a Unique Feature in Villa H

Other than the comfortable villa décor with futuristic and also modern contemporary ideas in the interior of this Futuristic Villa Design, there is still one more feature that should also be checked out in this villa. The feature that is meant here is carport roof that is actually designed to be very unique. This roof is unique because it is a floating roof that at first is not designed as a carport. At the end, the quite large empty space user this room is considered to be suitable for a carport so that it is used so in the end.

Awesome White Living Room With Wooden Floor Decor

Beautiful Livingroom Decor With Awesome Mountain View

Details Of Futuristic Interior In Villa H Located In Hallwang Salzburg Austria

First Floor Plan

Futuristic Villa Design With Beautiful Carport Decor

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