Warm Luxury House in L.A

Large Sliding Glass Door Living Riim With Gorgeous City View

Luxury home is a typical home which becomes a good investment for anybody. Both investor and other businessman like to have beautiful and luxurious house for investment. On the other hand, a luxurious house can be a great option for those who like to have their exclusive and private location to enjoy their day and holiday. One of the most recommended luxurious houses on beautiful sunset strip is located in Los Angeles, California.

The Exterior

Describing a luxurious house located precisely on beautiful sunset strip in L.A will be very interesting if we start with a discussion about exterior. The exterior of a warm luxury house in L.A is very adorable. The house is equipped with large glass door windows rounding it. Besides, this 7,500 square foot house is facilitated with private pool featuring detailed patio and pool lounge. Besides, the house is built in a perfect location in which the owner can directly face a breathtaking view of L.A. As a typical L.A house, this warm house is supported with small and modern garden with sweet greenish grass contrasting with the color of the home exterior. The modern concept is really represented in this house.

The Interior

Walking into the inside of the house, you will see the real luxury of an L.A house. Basically, this house is applying a concept of warm luxury home design in which the interior is designed in warm and earthy interior colors. The living room is very adorable with beautiful living room scenery you cannot find anywhere else. Only by sitting in the living room, you will be able to see the scenery of California from above. It is so amazing and remarkable. Walking any further, you will be faced with a kitchen which is also adorable. The kitchen is developed under elegant kitchen design featuring luxurious cabinets from selected materials. Moving to the bathroom, there is an elegant bathroom with luxurious marble flooring and walk-in shower made from glass. If we walk around the house, we will see how perfect this L.A house is. Both exterior and interior are designed perfectly with remarkable modern concept involving luxury furniture which emphasizes the typical of warm and luxury L.A house. The location is also adorable which enables the home owner to enjoy the beautiful sunset and amusing night scenery of California from above.

Marble Kitchen Island With Barstoor Chair

Nightingale House Stree Facade With The Garage

Small Reading Space With Tiger Leather Rug Decor

The Lounge Room With The Night City Scenery

Warm Interior With Cool Pool View Color When The Lights On

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