Webshake Office Interior with Mixture of Personality and Color

Bright Color Interior For Young Executives Office

Office can be said to be a spot that should be designed perfectly so that everyone who work in there can get the ultimate comfort to work effectively. It may be the reason why the beautiful Webshake office is the one that is designed very especially by Archinteriors. The inside of this room is so suitable to be called as unique space design. In there, personality and color mixture interior is the one that you can see.

Perfect Working Space for Young Executives

Webshake office is a working space that is so suitable to be used by young executives. This office for young executives is decorated with bright colors that combine 3 different paint colors. Those colors are blue, white and also yellow. These options of fresh color is also detailed with other colors in the room, such as red for some furniture and decorations, and also brown for the wooden office flooring and also some decorations and furniture too. Talking about the furniture of this office, it is not limited in office table and chair sets. Instead, there is some furniture that is designed for other function, such as football table that can be used to have some fun when free time is available.

Personality Design in the office of Webshake

Other than color, personality office design is the one that can be found in the office of Webshake too. The detail can actually be seen in the artistic wall decoration. It is started from the huge yellow spots on the walls that are actually the representation of logo of the company. Some other decorations that can be found on the wall in this office are; unique wall shelves, decoration made of unused cassette, unique umbrella hanger, the name of the company that is made from wooden material, and many other decorations.

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