Wonderful Australians House in Mind

Bedroom And Bathroom View Modern Contemporary Design

The Australians House is a house designed in simple design and model. A beautiful design of Australians house makes people envy and have a house like this. It is because the design is so simple and really suitable for a new family to live. Even though it looks modern, but the natural view around the place makes the house feels peaceful.

Look at the picture. It has special spaces of grass field outside while the house is combined with wooden walls in dark brown color. The Australian House Ideas has two floors. In the first floor, there is a black chair and table in pallet design made from wooden materials. There is living room facing the grass field in black sofas with batik patterns of carp in orange and white color. There is a LCD TV in the right side hanging on the wall. The kitchen is in the right side of the living room. The cabinets are in plain grey color and wooden floor in cream color. On the right side of the kitchen, there is a stair that brings you to the second floor of the house.

In the second floor, you will see a ding table with wooden table in dark brown color and black chairs. Near the dining table, there is a long shaft where the family and bedroom is located. The family room is really nice facing the scenery outside through the big windows in white curtains. The sunrise comes inside the room and light the room naturally in the afternoon. The comfortable sofa is waiting for you and family to have a talk.

The favorite room is still, bedroom. In front of the bed, there is a big glass window in white transparent curtain. In the balcony, the green grass is waiting. It brings natural nuance and create comfort for the room. The floor of the bedroom is made by wood in stripes color of brown and cream. On the floor, there is a cream round rug. Australians House Design creates wonderful nuance for your house.

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