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A luxurious Chalet is a house design made from wooden materials in the whole part of the house. It is really beautiful because mostly the chalet house is placed in the top of the hill with beautiful scenery. It is wonderful to have this chalet design in your own house, right?

Here, we have some pictures. Have you ever seen the beauty of houses in wonderful land, like in the film of Narnia? The house is made from wooden materials surrounded by thick white snow. How wonderful the scenery it is. Now, the scenery, the house, and the situation like this are possible for you to have by looking at the picture and the description of this image. In the first picture you can see the wooden house is under the hill covered by snow. It is called Marco Polo living area. This place gives you service to comfort your holiday. Inside of the place there are some rooms such as bed rooms, living room, dining room, bar, gym, swimming pool with hot water. This luxurious Chalet House is really comfortable.

The second picture is the bedroom. The bedroom is really classic. The space is not too large but it is also not too narrow. The bedroom has white bed cover with grey warm blanket on it. Both side of the bed there is a chair which has shapes like a log with two sit lamp. In the right side of the bed, there is a window which has a function as door too in therefore people can either seethe scenery outside or open the door to breathe the cold air. The curtains have wood patterns in brown color. The floor is also made from wooden, so that the room feels so warm and comfortable.

People can live happily on that place. The bar is really exclusive and they can have more time to relax. Like in the second picture, the sofas in the dining room are covered with white thick soft feather that will warm your body while having a chit chat with family or friends. Luxurious Chalet Ideas brings that wonderful land like in a fiction becomes reality.

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