Wonderful Modern Villa for Holidays

Villa Sapi Ground Room Design With Green Grass Roof And Awesome Small Pool Decor

It is always nice to stay in a great modern villa in a tropical island during holidays. No works to do, no city rush. There is only fresh air, bright sun, and refreshing green tropical vegetation to enjoy. Thus, Villa Sapi in Lombok, Indonesia can be your choice to embrace the serenity and peace.

The gorgeous modern villa combines the modern building with a touch of traditional look, reflected from the use of bamboo. The open-sided rooms—living room, bedrooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms—provide the great natural view outdoors and the beautiful decorative ponds. The open spaces thus are perfect for you who are looking for the peace in the nature. Outside, you can benefit from the abundance of the tropical sun light on the lounge chairs of near the beach.

Stepping inside, the living room combines the lime and red tones with natural ones like white, black, and dark brown. The choice of lighting will provide the warm atmosphere flowing in the room. The dining room itself benefits from the combination of modern interiors with natural exteriors, creating an airy and spacious space to enjoy the dishes while pleasing the eyes with the view of nature. Overall, the dining space mainly uses white tone that could blend perfectly with any color, including the bamboo and the green tropical plants outside. The dash of red is available on the seat cover and the choice of pendant lights for the kitchen.

The gorgeous modern villa concept for the bedroom itself points out the creating of spacious and airy room, with the use of white and dark brown. The stairs available in the main bedroom is painted all in white with single wooden steps that creates an illusion of floating stairs in an all-white room. The choice of the floors imitates the color of the soil that emphasizes the natural look perfectly.

Villa Sapi Bamboo Wall Decor Villa With Perfect Mixture Of Traditional And Modern Design

Villa Sapi Beautiful Beach Landscaping With Green Grass Coconut Tree And Beach Backsplash

Villa Sapi Elegant Dining Room Design With Open Space Design Wooden Floor

Villa Sapi Modern Room With Round Shape And White Interior Decor Also Modern Furniture

Villa Sapi Has Traditional Interior Design With Modern Furnishing Beautiful Villa In Indonesia

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