Wonderful Mysterious House with Natural Design

Open Terrace With Wooden Deck And Sliding Glass Doors

Having mysterious house is somewhat amazing, right? Like what we have ever seen in twilight. The house is alone. There is no neighbor at all. It is surrounded by green plants and trees like we live alone in a forest. Now, do you want to have a house like that? Here, there are some pictures that will be discussed about how wonderful the house is that you can take as reference.

Look at the picture. In the first picture, we can see the house is made from wooden materials in black color. The wall is made from glass materials and it gives different nuance. The house is located in the middle of the forest. The house has simple and minimalist design with modern style. It is not difficult to have a house like this, right? You can also have a house like this for your own if you want. This is a very cool mysterious house design.

When we come closer to the house, we can see the floor is made from wooden materials in dark brown color while the floor inside the house is also made from wooden materials in bright brown color. It looks warm and lovely. The glass window applied in the house gives different nuance. Through the glass window, you can see beautiful scenery of green hill. It is a wonderful place for you to have. OD you want to see the other part of the house?

What a lovely house. When you come up to the deck on the roof, you can see the rest of the hills are whispering to you. It is a wonderful place for you to relax. The deck is made from wooden materials in dark brown color. The stair is made from wooden materials in white color and it looks stylist. Mysterious house design pictures like these will give different accent for you and your family to spend your holiday without any disturb.

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