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A shower curtain is a curtain which has function to close the bath tub or shower place while you take a bath. The curtain has different design and decoration of course, sometimes the decoration can be designed in very unique and beautiful ideas. Are you ready to start looking for the best design for your shower curtain? Here we will give you some examples of a very unique idea of shower curtain.

Look at the picture. In the first picture, there is shower in ornamental plants pattern in white, blue, dark blue and green color. The curtain looks so colorful and very suitable to be combined with your white bath tub or shower. As you know, nowadays, the design of curtains is varieties, therefore white and transparent curtain is no longer a trend. Applying a colorful shower curtain design or decoration will be very good ideas.

Tree motif can usually be seen on a picture or paintings, but what about if the tree paintings are applied in the curtain? Have you ever imagined how beautiful is that? Here, in the picture, you can see how beautiful the tree motifs in silhouette color. The tree color has three different colors such as brown, black, and white color while it uses white color for the basic color. It is so wonderful because the tree paintings are painted very neatly and looks real.

You can also use many different colors for your shower curtains. You can also uses different patterns as you like such as abstract-grin motif in cream and brown color, playful owl-themed motif in colorful colors of yellow, blue, green, white, and blue. But still, black transparent curtain also can be one good reference for you. Shower Curtain Design ideas like this will beautify your bathroom.

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