Your House Is Not Eyes-Friendly? Give It A Green Touch!

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Having a house painted in plain white is amazing. You can choose furniture in any color to fit in. besides, you don’t need strong lamps to give lighting on it because the bright color will reflect more lights than the darker one. But what if you feel so bored with that color? I mean, the color seems okay with other elements of the house, but it bores you soon with its plain appearance and bright paint. Well, if you feel so, then there is nothing to lose in trying something new. You can redecorate your house by adding some green color into your house.

Refresh your sight!

It is true. You need a fresh atmosphere in your house. And green can be an option since it is a natural color that your eyes always accept. Your eyes still can accept green even if it is the first color you see when you wake up in the morning. Besides, green has the power to heal your eyes from tense eyes. By seeing the wall painted green or green color furniture, unconsciously, you refresh your eyes from tense eyes nerves. Having a green color chair and green dining table in your kitchen may relax your eyes after a hard, working day. And replacing your old couch with a green sofa may help you to get relaxed fast.

Urban house with green touch

If you have an amazing urban house with excellent wall paint or decoration, and don’t want to change the entire room, it is okay. You can still have your old wall paint. All you need to do is just replacing some of the contemporary green color furniture. For example, you can add modern green table on your living room and combine it with other neutral color furniture like white frames or black vase. Or, you can change your old stool with green barstool. It surely gives a different nuance in your house.

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